Welcome to Hopedale Unitarian Parish!

We’re glad you have chosen to spend a few moments looking around, discovering our church. Our hope is that all people will feel loved and welcomed here. You will get a glimpse of who we are from this website, but only a glimpse. To fully understand us, come join us on Sunday morning and see if we have what you’re seeking. Enjoy the website, then come and see. We’d love to meet you!

News & Announcements

Minister’s Message –  It’s not Brave if you’re not Scared

Courage, the emotional ability to confront one’s fears, is one of the classical virtues.  As John Wayne’s character says in the film The Cowboys, … [Read More...]

Post-Election Resources

Hopedale Unitarian Parish and the UUA have various resources for reflection and taking action. Click here. … [Read More...]

Message from the Director of Religious Education

Courage comes in many different forms, some are awesome and some are ordinary everyday kinds. Courage is courage no matter which kind.  According to … [Read More...]