Straw Wars Hopedale

Help us eliminate the use of single use plastic straws in Hopedale. We ask all churches, school, and businesses to eliminate single use plastic straws.  We ask schools and churches to eliminate plastic straws and coffee stirrers immediately.  We ask business to implement the following: 1. Do not automatically give straws to customers.  If people ask why, tell them about the environmental impact of waste plastic that never biodegrades.  2. Replace your plastic straws and coffee stirrers with paper straws and wooden stirrers that are biodegradable.   When you have eliminated your single use plastic straws, contact us at 508-473-0745 or and we will add your location to our Victory Map.

VICTORY MAP – Hopedale Churches, Schools, and Businesses that are saving the planet by eliminating single use plastic straws. When you go Straw Free, we will add your location with a GREEN marker as another victory in Straw Wars Hopedale!