Shop Local

Our Unitarian Universalism teaches us to care for our community, support sustainability, protect our environment, and promote economic and social justice. We believe that shopping local is one way to do all of these things.  Buying local supports the local economy and sustains local merchants and artisans. We encourage all of our members and friends to do business locally.

These local businesses and artisans support Hopedale Unitarian Parish’s fundraising efforts and thus our work in the local community. We encourage you to support them in return.


Bon Appetite Pizzeria

60 Hopedale St., Hopedale


The Town Common

76 Hopedale St., Hopedale


The Little White Market & Catering



Hopedale Country Club   Hopedale


Oliva’s Market

83-85 East Main St, Milford


Morin’s Studio  14 Pine St., Milford


Milford Performing Arts Center (MPAC)

150 Main St., Milford


Trattoria Bar 89 Centrale 89 Main St, Milford


Wanokura Restaurant  194 West St., Milford


Gene’s Variety  80 Water St., Milford


Mengoa’s Market 16 Central St. , Milford


Rose’s Corner Boutique  90 Main St., Milford


Spallone & Sons Menswear

90 Main St., Milford


Accurate Auto Care LLC

193 East Main St., Milford, MA


Central Barber Shop 160 Central St. Milford


LaRose Physical Therapy

114 Water St., Milford


Mac Med Spa & Salon

125 East Main St., Milford


Beacon Family Chiropractic

189 Main St., Milford



Main Street Cleaners

332 Main St., Milford


Heartsong  23 Pine St., Milford


Midtown Family Fitness  

51 Sumner St. Milford


Confetti Gifts  28 Highland St., Milford


Francis Flowers  78 Prospect St. Milford


Mendon Wine & Spirits

32 Hastings St., Mendon


Willowbrook Restaurant

16 Hasting St. Mendon


Lowell’s Restaurant  75 Cape Rd., Mendon


Muffin House Café  32 Hastings St. Mendon


Southwick’s Zoo

2 Southwick St Mendon


Imperial Cars 8-18 Uxbridge Rd., Mendon


Pandolfi’s Fine Chocolates

40 North Main St., Bellingham


Pete’s Bluebird Café

93 Mendon St., Bellingham


Bungay Brook Golf Club  Bellingham


SAGE Salon

648 Old W.Central St., Franklin


Franklin Country Club  Franklin


Earthworx  35 Cedar St., Hopkinton


Straight to the Point Therapy

360 Woodland St., Holliston


Red Phoenix Healing

360 Woodland St., Holliston