Minister’s Message – Pilgrimage

Our monthly theme for June is pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a journey made for moral or spiritual reasons to a special or sacred place for the purpose of changing, healing, teaching, or inspiring the pilgrim. The pilgrim experiences transformation. The journey reveals truths about the world and one’s self, the pilgrim sees things previously missed or unclear, gaining insight and wisdom. The pilgrim’s journey is not a vacation, with neatly planned nightly hotel stays and tourist attractions and meals at local hot spot eateries.  The pilgrim’s journey is an adventure. When undertaken as a group, pilgrimage not only transforms the individual, but the group as well. The group becomes bonded in ways they didn’t expect.  Relationships deepen and become more meaningful.   This Sunday after worship we will have our annual congregational meeting. My sermon this week will reflect on the power of pilgrimage, how it is sometimes a risky journey due to its transformational nature, and what our pilgrimage together looks like going forward.

In Faith,

Rev. Tony