Questions for Reflection

Reflection Questions for April 2019 – Wholeness

Think about…

1. When were you first invited into a circle that helped you feel whole? How does that story still direct you today?

2. Is wholeness for you a solitary or relational journey?

3. When did you first discover that repairing the world is one of the best ways to put yourself back together?

4. In what space or place do you feel most whole? How often do you spend time there?

5. Who taught you that wholeness does not mean perfection? Who helped you with the work of embracing brokenness, rather than trying to fix or hide it? How have you passed on that lesson? Does someone in your life need that lesson now?

6. How has your understanding of wholeness changed with age?

7. What was your proudest moment of maintaining and standing up for your wholeness?

8. What part of yourself hasn’t been let out in a while?

9. Masks hide our wholeness but sometimes they keep it safe. Has that ever been true for you?

10. Was it ever easier for you to live through someone else than to become complete yourself?

11. Can you name the three most prominent aspects of your shadow side? What are you learning about accepting and embracing them? If your child or a significant young person in your life asked you about facing their shadow, what advice would you give?

12. When was the last time you felt “most me”? Did you promise yourself anything in that moment? Did you tell yourself something to never forget?

13. Has empathy ever been a doorway to wholeness for you?

14. What if it’s about belonging not becoming? What if wholeness is a matter of noticing we’ve already arrived?

15. What’s your question? Your question may not be listed above. As always, if the above questions don’t include what life is asking from you, spend the month listening to your days to hear it. Or maybe the question or call you need to hear is waiting in one of the quotes listed below. Consider looking there!