Questions for Reflection


These questions are here for you to ponder, to engage, to discuss.  They are here as a way to prompt your thinking, praying, meditating and considering this month’s theme.

If you would like to join others to share your thoughts and ponderings, we invite you to join us for Chalice Circle on  April  19 (and every third Thursday of the month) at 6:30 p.m. in Rev. Tony’s office. If this time doesn’t work for you, speak with Rev. Tony about starting a monthly Chalice Sharing Circle at a time that does work for you. Chances are it will work for others, too.

Here’s this month’s reflection questions on the theme of RENEWAL:

Questions for Reflection

1.What gives your life meaning?
2.You are standing at an intersection where your deepest joy meets a deep need of the world around. Describe what this looks like from the street corner.
3.Walk around your home. What clues does it reveal about what you love?
4. If you could make one change in your life, no matter how impossible it seems, what would that change be?
5. What are you avoiding doing because it’s hard or scary?  What are you pretending not to know?
6. What’s something you keep telling yourself you’ll do when you “have the time”? If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with this time?
7.What do you love to learn about?
8. Think back to a time that you felt transformed. How did you change and why