Prayer Stations

Just as we have Candles of Joy and Concern as a way to express what is in our heart, we also have Prayer Stations to offer more ways to engage with our inner spirit. Descriptions of the stations are below. The stations will be utilized during prayer time, but they can also be used at any time before, during, or after the service. Everyone is free to choose which station, or stations, they would like to use.

Station 1 – Worry Knots – Does your worry tie you up in knots? Take a piece of string and tie in knots as you think about your worries. Ask Spirit/God/Goddess/ the Universe to help you let go of your worries. Drop your worries into the worry tree.
Station 2 – Forgiveness Board – We all do things that we know in our hearts to be wrong. Share this with Spirit/God/Goddess/ the Universe and say sorry. Write a word or phrase with the paint brush on the board that helps you to say sorry. Be in stillness and watch as your words disappear and know that you have been forgiven.
Station 3 – Look Into the Mirror – Think about how much you are loved by your family, this congregation, your friends. Think about how you might mirror the love of your community. How might you reflect this love to the world?
Station 4 – Heart Art – As you read a poem, or listen to the sermon, draw what comes into your heart.
Station 5 – Blessings Tower – Count your blessings, or the things you are grateful for, one by one as you stack each block on top of the previous one. See how your blessings grow!
Station 6 – Share a Prayer or Wish
Write and leave a prayer or wish on the tree. Take a prayer/wish home for someone else.
Station 7 – Please Beads
Pick up a glass bead. As you do so think about a hope, a wish or a desire and drop it into the glass bowl as a way of asking ‘please.’
Station 8 – Sharing is Caring
Take a coin from the bowl and hold it. As you hold it think about sharing what we have with others. Put your coin in the giving jar. If you want to you can put your own coins in the jar as well.
Station 9 – Candles of Joy and Concern