Sanctuary and Resistance

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Hopedale Unitarian Parish is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations and as such we join our denomination’s call to provide sanctuary and offer resistance:

“We must provide sanctuary in the broadest and richest sense of the term…We must provide sanctuary to those most vulnerable…Second, we must prepare to resist human rights violations in active ways. We must make it much harder to deport, register, discriminate and despoil.”

Material from Hopedale Unitarian Parish

Read Rev. Tony’s post-election pastoral letter to the congregation.

Read the united pastoral letter from the Hopedale Clergy

Watch and Listen to Rev. Sarah  Hubbell and Rev. Tony Lorenzen read the united pastoral letter from all three Hopedale, MA clergy below.


Links to Unitarian Universalist Association Resources

Pastoral Message on the Election from UUA President The Rev. Peter Morales.

UUA President The Rev. Peter Morale’s message to UU Ministers: We Must Provide Sanctuary and Resist.

UUA Show the Love, Post Election Resources

UUA Show the Love Action Map – a list and map of UU’s responding in love post election.

Deescalation Strategies for when you encounter hostilities or want to assist when hostility is directed at someone else:

Managing Post Election Stress – Video  from the UU Trauma Response Ministry