Our Covenant

Ours is a non-cereal, non-dogmatic faith community. We are bound together not by what we agree to believe together, but how we agree to be in relationship together.

Our covenant describes the promises we make to each other about how we will be in relationship with each other.

This is our covenant:

WE promise to cultivate in ourselves:

• Appreciation of our commonalities and differences
• Joy and a sense of humor
• Trust that others have good intentions
• Generosity of spirit and substance
• Willingness to forgive and seek forgiveness
• Ownership of our actions and their consequences
• Gratitude for those who helped build our church community
• Commitment to sustaining this church for those who will
  follow after.

In accordance with these values and intentions, WE promise to:

• Give generously of our time, talents and resources
• Be kind and compassionate
• Listen to understand rather than to judge or prove a point
• Support and nurture others
• Express appreciation of others’ efforts
• Talk with rather than about others
• Be mindful and considerate in our communications
  and interactions
• Respond to anger with gentleness
• Forgive ourselves and others when we fail to keep these
  promises and begin again in love and faith.