Minister’s Message-“Gathered and Sent”

Dear Holy Ones,

Churches fulfill two important functions: Gathering and Sending.  Churches gather a community together to inspire, comfort, educate, support, and deepen it.  When a community provides these things it seems like a place away from the rush of daily life, away from the hustle and bustle where we are safe to be ourselves, learn, grow, even hide when we need to do so.   When we say church is like our “family”, we can also say church is like our “sanctuary.” Like a family, a sanctuary is a place of first turning and last resort. We go there immediately to celebrate, share, contribute and we go there immediately to cry, hide, and be comforted.   All of us need sanctuary from time to time and because of this we are all called to provide sanctuary to others. When church provides sanctuary to us it not only provides us with needed respite and preparation for life, but enables us to be better providers of sanctuary for others.  Church gathers us in and takes care of us, then sends us into the world to take of others.

This month we will explore the many facets of sanctuary.  Sermons, religious education, and resources will help us consider sanctuary as place, protection, and personal sense of peace and well being.  Sanctuary is a sacred physical place such as the church, temple, synagogue, shrine, and woodland walking trail. Sanctuary is state of being protected by people and/or a physical place.  Current headlines tell us continuously of refugees seeking political sanctuary as they flee war zones and violent homelands. Sanctuary is the “happy place” we all have. That place our spirit and imagination take us to calm ourselves, settle ourselves, relax, breathe, and just be.

I hope that during this month you feel a better sense of sanctuary in your time at church and you deepen your appreciation for the physical beauty of our worship space. I hope that you find a deeper sense of inner peace by exploring the ways you find your own personal emotional and spiritual sanctuary.  I hope that in doing these things you are inspired to offer sanctuary to others, whether that be as a listening ear, a personal presence, or through activism that provides a more fair, just, and peaceful existence to others.



Rev. Tony


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