The New Church Year Began on Sunday, September 11th

Thursday afternoon, September 1, we hosted on our front lawn a number of friends, old and new, from Trinity Episcopal Church and St. Mary of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church, both inMilford.  The occasion was to celebrate the Season of Creation, an ecumenical effort of some years’ standing, which calls us to recognize that we are called to practice careful stewardship of the

Earth.  It calls us to lament human failure to heed well that call, such that the Earth suffers from our neglect in many ways; it calls us to repent and turn from that neglect to reverse the effects of that neglect and begin the work of healing.

Prior to worship, a number of folks came into the sanctuary, many for the first time despite having lived in the area for years.  I was happy and proud to share the gift of our worship space, including of course, the newly restored Medallion Window.

It was a blessing to share this celebration with Fr. John Lein from Trinity and Fr. Peter Joyce from St. Mary’s.  As our country becomes increasingly polarized, no small amount of it being driven by certain intolerant religious groups who claim that their way is the only way, it was inspiring to be part of an intentional interfaith gathering marked by mutual respect and in service to a greater call that all must heed if the planet is to survive.
In prayer, poetry and song, each faith community offered words and music from within its own tradition, yet all speaking to the same call to care for the Earth that we all share.  The brief service of witness and worship was followed by sharing of food and fellowship there on the front lawn, blessed by a glorious summer afternoon.Not many attended but all agreed it was an uplifting experience and we would like to do it again next year around this same time, but perhaps on a different day of the week and with greater preparation in view of the holiday weekend, etc.  I have extended that invitation to them, and I trust we will make it happen.I include a snapshot of yours truly leading, “Earth Was Given as a Garden” from our hymnal, a song of celebration and a call to action for all of us.See you in church,
Rev. Steve