Join Us Sunday’s in August for Informal Services

This August, you are invited to a sermon series inspired by, “Man’s Search For Meaning,” the classic work by concentration camp survivor and psychotherapist, Viktor Frankl. (At the time of his death in 1997, the book had been translated into 24 languages and sold
over ten million copies.) Please dress comfortably for the weather and join us in the sanctuary for worship at 10:30, with recorded music in an informal mode. Online video will not be available for these services but will resume with the start of our formal church season on September 11th.


8/7 Discerning the “Why” of Our Life

“The one who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”
8/14 The Expanding Grandeur of Creation
Friends from Grafton and Mendon are invited to join us in celebration of our marvelous universe, enhanced especially by new photographs from the James Webb Space Telescope.
8/21 Mere Usefulness
It is good to have work, but we even without it, we are inherently worth more than any job or profession.
8/28 A Single Piece of Paper
All else may be taken from us, but not religious faith.