Greetings from your Church Board!

Our church year has begun and we are ready to rumble into an exciting season of gathering, sharing and worshiping together. There are many exciting things to take part in and we hope you are curious to see how we are navigating change and renewing our faith and energy to make this church our welcoming home. We continue to invite feedback and discussion and will be offering many opportunities to share in the exploring and expressing our mission, our ministries and our relationships. Please join us for worship services and come and learn about the developments in Life Span Faith Development. We will have childcare available every Sunday. There will be a yard sale, an auction and our usual Halloween parade in October. Kris Kringle is just around the corner and there will be Bunko nights and other ways to gather, share ourselves and learn what we can do together as we move into the future. We Invite you, strive to Inspire you and hope to Ignite your passion into the possibilities at HUP.

Michele Alves, Chair