Greetings from your Church Board!

“Exile and return” has, over the centuries, been one of the great themes of human history.  The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us into something of an exile from our cherished worshipping community and as we return this morning, albeit in a different format, Rev. Steve suggests we might find some inspiration in the experience of the ancient

Hebrews who were exiled from Jerusalem to Babylon.  They returned to build a new community in some ways different from the old yet inspired by their ancient traditions.

We will also observe the Water Sharing Ritual this morning.  You are invited to bring a small quantity of water with you that will symbolize your experiences since last we were together.

Please read below for the details of the service,

  • The service will be held on the lawn near the kitchen door. This area is the most shaded.
  • The service will begin at 10:30 and is expected to last approximately 45 minutes
  • The pulpit will be set-up on the kitchen porch with a microphone
  • Carol will provide music with a portable keyboard
  • All are asked to bring lawn chairs (We will provide metal chairs when needed)
  • We will assist parishioners in the placement of chairs for social distancing (family groups may sit together)
  • Everyone must wear a mask, but we are able to provide additional masks
  • The building will be locked – a key will be available to enter for bathroom use (we ask that only one person at a time enter the building)
  • We will have a time for Joys and Concerns using stones rather than candles
  • If rain is predicted, we will hold a zoom service

We look forward to joining together in Worship.

All are welcome!