Greetings from your Church Board!

Spring Will Happen! Despite the cold and the snow and the short days and long nights we know, as surely as we are New Englanders, that all things change, and Spring will be here- any moment now.

It is in these things that we have faith in our durability, resiliency and hope for warmer days.

Here at HUP we are emerging. We have begun to turn towards the sun and are finding our strengths in our gathering and sharing. We are trying new things, moving worship into the parish hall at least once a month to enjoy breakfast, song and inspiration. Evening worship is in the works and we have interesting events and workshops coming up. We continue to join our Hopedale church friends at the monthly Community Meal at the Episcopal Church in Milford. We are in the process of reconnecting our ties with other UU churches in the Borough’s and Blackstone Valley; and opening up our hearts and minds to important conversations- among us and with the larger community. We are poised to engage in important work with our community partners, the Bancroft Library and Linda Hixon, to illuminate our history and understand where we are now and where we hope to go.

We are gearing up for our annual pledge drive and heading towards budget planning and annual meeting time. We need your attention and participation in these important events, not only in upholding the By-Laws, but also supporting the functioning and future of this church. Stay tuned for important dates and information.

As always, we want you to please join us for worship services and more. There is so much to do and talk about, and so many ways to be together! Childcare is available every Sunday and there is Children’s Chalice monthly. We Invite you, strive to Inspire you and hope to Ignite your passion into the possibilities at HUP. Happy Spring!

Michele Alves
Board Chair