April’s Recipient

Our Share the Plate partner for April  is The Worcester Green Low Income Housing Coalition.

The Worcester Green Low Income Housing Coalition is a partnership-based association of providers of homeless services and low-income people, in the cities and towns of central Massachusetts, and beyond, serving the second largest cohort of homeless individuals in the six state region of New England. The mission of WGLIHC is, first, to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs associated with the buildings serving the extremely low-income people of New England’s second largest urban area by utilizing an array of financing, grants, and state programs to implement a comprehensive energy reduction strategy. Second, the coalition aims to promulgate the long term reduction of energy costs as a measure to sustain social safety nets in similar communities, which will be accomplished through peer journals, networks such as Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, and trade conservation journals.  Additionally, WGLIHC provides advocacy through a group of low-income people and their allies working to adapt better energy measures in cities, increase eligibility and production, and foster innovation in energy programs affecting low-income people in our communities.

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