Operation Turkey Sandwich

Since 2015 Hopedale Unitarian Parish has spearheaded a creative community project for Thanksgiving:  Operation Turkey Sandwich. This project is designed to help people meet and support their neighbors. For the first two years, Operation Turkey Sandwich delivered meals to people working lonely jobs on Thanksgiving Day, such as clerks at convenience stores, gas station attendants, and others. This year Operation Turkey Sandwich will deliver meals to people who participate in the Laundry Love program. Laundry Love is a joint ministry with the Hopedale Unitarian Parish and the Trinity Episcopal Church in Milford that aims to help those who are facing difficult decisions, whether to pay a bill, buy food, or do laundry, by giving $10 towards the cost of laundry and hanging out while the machines tumble. Operation Turkey Sandwich aims to support these people and let them know their neighbors remember them on Thanksgiving by offering them gourmet Thanksgiving lunches.

The meal consists of real roasted turkey, artisan baked fresh bread, kettle cooked potato chips, homemade cranberry sauce, apple pie, and condiments and plastic ware.

Read about OTS in the local press:

OTS Launching for those Laboring on the Holiday  Worcester Telegram, Nov. 19, 2016 

Hopedale Unitarian Parish to Give Out Food on Thanksgiving, Milford Daily News, Nov, 16, 2106


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