Parish Minister: The Reverend Anthony Lorenzen

Congregational Administrator: Valerie Clement

Director of Religious Education: Kelly Sarazen

Music Ministry: Carol Devendorf, Organist and Choir Director

Treasurer:  Frederick Oldfield III

Collector: Kathleen Schleper

Sexton: Al Gross

Bell Ringer: Frederick Oldfield III

Parish Board: Maryhelen Hibben, Chairperson, Michele Alves, Clerk, Judy Oldfield, Bob Anderson, Rita Earl, Jody Buck, Alice Jacobson

Finance & Investments: Kathleen Schleper, Chair, Tony Alves, Fred Oldfield, Tina Mustachio, Tracy Anderson

Nominating: Tony Alves, Chair, Fred Oldfield, Alice Jacobosn

Outreach & Engagement: Jody Buck, Chair, Tony Alves, Alice Jacobson, Ben Spear

Partnership: Tony Alves, Carol Devendorf

Religious Education:  Kate Correa, Rita Earl, Danielle Lizotte, Janet Davis, Chris Grilly

Worship: Jody Buck, Karen Gehm, Fred Oldfield, Rita Earl,

Building & Facilities: Tony Alves, Randy Carbo

Gardens & Grounds: Maryhelen Hibben, Chris Grilly, Patrick Giles, Carol Matzner, Bobby Consoletti

Caring Connection: Becky Chan, Alice Jacobson, Mona Gross, Laura Aldrich, Sharyn Johnson, Peg Theriault, Tina Perry

Music: Carol Devendorf, Peg Theriault, Karen Gehm,

Scholarship: Bris Gannett, Kathy Haynes, Mark Dewolf, Pat Giles, Kathleen Schleper

Historical: Fred Oldfield, Janet Grant,

Social Action:  * Team Leader

      Green Sanctuary:  Dona Neely*, Michele Alves, Becky Chan, Carol Devendorf, Pat Giles, Kathleen Schleper, Dona Neely

      Red Wagon – Becky Chan*

      Welcoming Congregation – Chris Grilly*, Michele Alves, Pat Giles, Maryhelen Hibben, Alice Jacoboson, Marcia Matthews, Kathleen Schleper

      Community Meal – Alice Jacobson*, Michele Alves*, Tracy Anderson

      Laundry Love – Janet Davis*

Kitchen/Hospitality: Tony Alves, Michele Alves, Alice Jacobson, Christopher Grilly

Our minister is an ex-officio member of all committees

Choir: Rob Burke, Karen Gehm, Janet Grant, Kirsten McCandless, Judy Michna, Judith Oldfield, Deanna Mustachio, Hannah McCandless, Robert Gehm, Glen Flodin, Bobby Consoletti

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