Congregation Letter Announcing 2019 Annual Meeting

May 14, 2019

Dear Hopedale Unitarian Member,

The Parish Board invites you to the Annual church meeting on Sunday, June 2nd following the service. You are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and help make the decisions the church will live with for the next year. Annual meetings are the primary method by which the Congregation runs the church. We need 20% of Active members to attend to reach a quorum to convene the meeting: for Bylaw approval we need 51% of active Members in attendance.

Another way the Congregation participates is through the election of officers and the governing committees who act as your representatives. We still need someone to run for the Nominating Committee seat, and possibly a couple of others, so you have the chance to volunteer for these.

We are faced with some very difficult decisions this year. Once again, we are working with a deficit budget that relies on using our savings rather than our income to pay the bills. The budget will be voted on during our annual meeting

If you would like a copy of the proposed Budget, please contact Jody Buck at [email protected].

We will be proposing some changes to the Bylaws this year. Our recommended changes are basically for clarification and consistency with current practices. These include officers’ term lengths, filling a vacated Board seat, information about Board meetings, clearing up confusion regarding committees, listing duties of the Treasurer(s) and Collector(s), changing wording from proxy voting to absentee voting, and fixing grammar and incomplete sentences.

If you would like an absentee ballot or a copy of the Bylaw proposals for advance review, please contact Alice Jacobson [email protected] or 508-380-6911.

Please join us and have your say when it truly matters!

Michele Alves Alice Jacobson
Board Chairperson Board Clerk

for the Hopedale Unitarian Parish Board