Caring Connection

The Hopedale Unitarian Parish Caring Connection ministry assists Rev. Steve and the staff in responding to the pastoral needs of our members and friends.

Caring Connection members send cards, visit people at home, help with transportation and provide meals in times of need and crisis.  Let us know if we can help or you would like a visit.

Rev. Steve makes pastoral visits to members and friends at home or in the hospital.

Rev. Steve includes prayer requests in his Pastoral Prayer each Sunday. Let us know your prayer request or concern so we can share it with the congregation.

We include milestones and celebrations each week in our email newsletter and Sunday morning announcements. Let us know about birthdays, anniversaries, good grades, awards at work or school, athletic or artistic or civic involvement and recognition, and other happy things so we can celebrate with you.

There are two ways to let us know how we can care for you or celebrate with you. Call the church at 508-473-0745 or use the form below.

Caring Connection

Use this form to submit a prayer request, tell us about a milestone you'd like celebrated or request a visit, a meal or a ride.

    Let us know how we can care for you or help you.
  • Tell Rev. Steve about your prayer request or concern.
  • Let us know what you would like celebrated.