Intern’s Item

Dear HUP Beloveds, This month’s theme is blessings. I look forward to delving into this theme over the ensuing days with you all and examining the hidden complexity of the concept of blessings. Often blessings and gratitude go hand in hand, but I find this approach lacking depth. Instead, at the core of our being […]

Chosen Child Program for 2017

The chosen child program begins on November 19th. Our church, in collaboration with Children and Family Services in Whitinsville, will be collecting gifts for the holiday for local children in need. We will post boy/girl cut outs on the classroom doors starting Nov. 19, identifying the ages and “wish lists” of the children. The “wish […]

Message from Rev. Tony

Dear Holy Ones, Blessing is a powerful thing. It’s a word and an idea that seems simple enough until we try to define and describe it. Many people associate blessing with benevolence granted by God or another deity.  This only scratches the surface of blessing.  Blessing is both a noun and a verb.  A blessing […]