Message from the Director of Religious Education

Everyday every one of us is on a pilgrimage, every decision we make changes the direction of our pilgrimage. Fifteen years ago I meet Dan on a camping trip I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go on. Dan was living in Massachusetts and I was living in Virginia, mutual friends of ours owned a children’s camp ground in Pennsylvania. Every year before the children showed up for camp they would invite 50 of their closest friends to spend a long weekend at the camp cleaning it up and making sure everything worked well. I had meet Dan a few times before this weekend but every decision I made that weekend led me to where I am now.

There was a time that I regretted not going away to college directly after I graduated high school. I regretted never having the opportunity to live in a dorm or have the full college experience. As an adult I can now think back on that time and realize that I probably would have hated having a roommate and I would have been very lonely at college since making new friends is hard for me.

I love my life, I am more in love with Dan now than the day we got married and every decision I have made in my adult life has brought me to where I am.  And not only does every decision we make affect our lives but they affect those around us as well. My friend Roberta choosing to apply for the DRE job at First Parish of Sudbury influenced me and my decision to start a career as a Director of Religious Education. A decision I’m so glad I made almost ten years ago now. I absolutely love what I do and I truly believe in the Unitarian Universalist community.

The decisions we make to hold the door for someone, smile at someone in the elevator. The sympathetic look we give to the parent whose child is having a meltdown in Target. As parents we pick which battles we are going to fight with our children, we choose bedtimes and screen limits. We encourage participation in afterschool activities. And we fight with them when we don’t like the decisions they are making for themselves. At what point does their pilgrimage belong to them? At what point do we step aside and let them own their decisions?