Our Church Building


The building that is standing is a memorial church. It was erected through the generosity of Eben S. Draper and George Albert Draper in memory of their father and mother. Dedication services for the, church edifice were held on September 15, 1898. The architectural style is English Gothic. The interior of the Church reflects the Gothic style with a soaring vaulted ceiling and a series of columns and arches. The minister’s pulpit is in a raised platform leading to the a large Tiffany Stained glass window depicting the Good Shepherd.


The Good Shepherd Window was the gift, in 1913, of former Governor Eben S. Draper and his wife, Nancy Bristow Draper. It suggests motifs from the twenty-third Psalm. It is so placed that there is no time of day or night when it is better illuminated than at the hour of Sunday services. It is made of Tiffany glass and is so well proportioned, so well done, that it gives rest to the spiritual and physical eye that views it. The Reverend JB Hollis Tegarden often said, “One of the many blessings of this church is that if a worshipper could not get a sermon from the pulpit he could always get one from the Good Shepherd Window”. The Good Shepherd Window cost was $3,000.00.

The Medallion Window was a gift, in 1915, from George A. Draper and his wife, Jessie Preston Draper. This window is an example of the best type of Medieval design of medallion windows of the thirteenth century. However, it has stronger design and detail than the Medieval ones as no paints are used. The background is composed of very small jewel-squares, alternating ruby and sapphires. The round center medallions represent scenes in the life of Christ. This window is also made in American Tiffany glass.


At a meeting of the Parish, June 5, 1904, our Minister, Rev. Lewis G. Wilson, urged the desirability of a chime of bells in the church tower. On June 5, 1909, just five years from the first meeting, the chime committee reported the required amount to have been raised and the Parish voted to purchase a chime of bells. They were installed and dedicated in 1910 and were restored  in 2010.

The bells are eleven in number, the largest, or tenor bell, being in the key of E. The list includes bells representing the following notes:  E  F#  G#  A  A#  B  C#  D  D#  E  F#

All are carefully tuned to harmonize with each other  and the chime is placed in a framework designed especially to fit the bell tower, with the bells located so as to give the best effect when played. The total new weight of the bells is about 9200 pounds, and with the frame work and mountings about 13,000 pounds.

Listen  to our bells being played.