Nancy Gannett Scholarship

Nancy Gannett Scholarship

This scholarship was created in the 1982-83 church year by her parents, William B. and Nancy F. Gannett, to benefit graduating seniors who will continue on to a college or university.  It is funded by a portion of the Nancy Gannett Memorial Fund established at the time of her death in 1965.  Click on the blow link to access the application and criteria.

From Bris Gannett, Nancy’s brother…

Nancy Gannett was an energetic and inquisitive sister. She loved school, her subjects and recess equally! She loved the church

as well, and could not wait for Sunday and Sunday school, right up until her untimely death in 1965, at the age of 9.

Shortly after Nancy’s passing, my parents, Bill and Nancy Gannett, established a memorial in Nancy’s name to benefit the

Sunday school, its facilities and programs. Then, in 1983, when Nancy would have been graduating from high school, my parents

made the decision to refocus the purpose of the fund from a memorial to a scholarship. The idea would be to reward a graduating

high school senior (s), who has the shown the same love for our church as Nancy. I have no doubt Nancy would have still loved

coming to church every Sunday, and been involved in the worship programs, as well as volunteered in Church sponsored activities.

It was my parents desire to ensure the love of and involvement in the church that Nancy showed was recognized through this


Bris Gannett

SCHOLARSHIP Application with criteria-revised 2017