Donate goods or services to our 2017 Auction by downloading this Auction Item Donor Form and returning it to the church or by clicking here and filling in the online form.

Don’t what to donate? Here are some ideas:

Ideas for Donations to the HUP Goods and Services Auction:

  • Tickets to Cultural or Sporting Events
  • Use of a vacation home for a weekend or a week
  • Host a Dinner or Theme Evening at your home
  • Baked Goods (one baked good a month for a year, for example)
  • Lessons (piano, guitar, voice, cooking, gardening, writing, drawing, kayaking, computer use, etc)
  • Yard Work
  • Handyman Work
  • Artwork, including textile art such as a quilt, knitted sweaters, etc.
  • Gift certificates to various businesses (restaurants, massage therapy, car wash, etc)
  • House Painting (interior or exterior)
  • Computer work and trouble shooting
  • Memorabilia (signed photo of Tom Brady, etc)
  • Homemade beer, wine, mead, etc.
  • New or Antique Furniture
  • Photography or video recording
  • House cleaning
  • Resume preparation

If you pay for or obtain a donation from a third party, that person or business may be listed in the thanks and recognition list in our program, so check with them about that being OK.

Be creative. Everyone one of us has something we do that can be a service item for the auction. Everyone knows someone who provides a unique service or owns a business that can be asked for a donation of a gift certificate.

Here is what Rev. Tony is donating as auction prizes:

  • 10 , ½ -hour Guitar lessons for beginners
  • 5, 1-hour chess lessons for beginners
  • Dinner for 6 ($50 per seat) with Rev. Tony who will be chef and host.
  • One sermon topic during the coming church year. Purchaser can pick the topic (not the details) for Rev. Tony to preach about. Topic must be 5 words or less. Minimum bid $250.


IF you have questions please contact Tracy and Bob Anderson at [email protected] or by phone – Home: 508-478-4705  Cell:508-962-0235