Message from the Director of Religious Education


When I think of salvation I think of it in terms of being saved or protected from harm, not so much the saving of a soul from sin. Years ago, before Truman was born, I was a nanny to twin boys who were born 3 months premature. Their parents were catholic so naturally they were baptized, due to their early deliveries they weren’t baptized until they were about 6 months old. Theirs was the very fist baptism that I had been to and although I knew the basics of what would happen I didn’t know the words that were going to be said. So I was a little shocked to hear that the boys were being forgiven of their sins. They had been alive for 6 months, they could barely hold their heads up and they were already being forgiven of their sins. What sins?  It was a hard pill for me to swallow.

I much prefer to think of salvation as protecting from harm. Protecting people from harm is something most of us do every day in both big and small ways. I am constantly reminding the boys to look both ways before we cross the street or go through a parking lot. I make sure the milk I serve them isn’t spoiled so they don’t get sick. I make sure that my case kid at school walks the hall with his eyes open so he doesn’t bump into wall or other kids. There are also larger forms of protecting and saving. There is a TV commercial airing now that shows a man watching the news, driving around town, walking down the block and all of the people and animals in need are walking behind him. You can see that the weight of their problems is holding him down and it’s not until he walks into a boys and girls club to volunteer that the weight starts to come off. Helping out like that seems to be what the country really needs right now. We need random acts of kindness, we need people to not only talk about what they don’t like about the state of our government but to do something about it. There are people out there who can’t protect themselves, people who don’t have the resources or the strength. Those are the people we need to help because there could come a day when that person is us.